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We often often associate non-bank loans with a high rate of APR and interest rates. It may not always be the case. An interest-free loan from non-banking providers can save the client time and money. We have selected several providers for you to lend you on favorable terms.

Zaloan interest-free loan

Zaloan interest-free loan

Zaloan Bank offers you a loan without interest up to CZK 9,000. This interest-free loan is intended for clients who apply for a loan via an electronic form and return the money within 30 days of the date of payment. The money can then be used at will for shopping, payment of bills or repair of the appliance, language course or trip abroad.

The loan application is approved relatively quickly. There is no need to provide proof of revenue or a $ 1 verification fee. After you submit your application, the employee of the company is assessed and contacted by you. There is no need to provide proof of receipt.

The loan is on

The loan is on

I Zaplo půjčka will offer you a very high amount of up to CZK 8,000 for the first time and without interest. In this case, you must return your money within 30 days without extending the term. People older than 21 can borrow, with age being taken into account. The older you get, the higher the amount. Similarly, higher amounts will be given to you on a recurring loan. Here you will need to send a verification fee of $ 1 and a copy of your OP from both sides.


An interest-free loan can also be obtained with Via SMS. You can borrow up to CZK 4,500 here and do not pay interest on refunds within 14 days. The loan is intended for applicants from 20 to 68 years old. For each additional loan you need to pay a fee depending on the amount of the loan. Via SMS is for people without a registry entry and a stable income that you do not need to document.

Hayenese loan

We must not forget the Hayenese loan, originally Click Credit loan. It also offers you a 14-day grace period. This loan is provided by Home Credit, one of the best lenders on the market. Without interest, new clients can borrow CZK 4,999. In addition, you can get a loan in addition to your account within ten minutes.

You can also watch promotions of other bank and non-bank loan providers. Very often, in the context of marketing events, new customers will receive their first free loan.

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