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Do you have a great idea how to make money or do you plan to open a store, but do you lack financial resources? On the contrary, are you an experienced freelancer and want to invest in the development of your company? Business start-up is not easy today. From the start you have to go through a complicated bureaucratic process even when you are about to borrow money. Above all, a flawless business plan is needed.

Do you have debts to state institutions or do you need to bridge a difficult business period? The ideal tool is a loan for self-employed persons. On the other hand, those who show a stable income do not have a problem getting a loan.

Loan without proof of income

Loan without proof of income

One suitable option for getting money even when you are a start-up businessman is a loan without proof of income. The main advantage is that there is no need to document your income from your tax return or invoice. There is minimal paperwork, so handling your loan is much faster. Many traders are looking for higher amounts. The downside, however, is that the loan for self-employed persons is provided only in lower amounts of up to CZK 10,000, while in the case of reliable customers, the limit can be raised to CZK 50,000 over time, if the company you borrow this allows.

If you are looking for higher amounts, try a Home Credit loan, which will provide you with CZK 180,000 without any proof of income. It is a reliable company, so you do not have to worry about unnecessary fees or complex administration. Loan for self-employed is with favorable interest rates and low APR.

Non-bank loans with collateral

Non-bank loans with collateral

For those interested in a business loan, non-bank loans are pledged. If they are able to guarantee their property or property of a third party, it is possible to obtain up to 50% of the value of this property. The loan is not intended, so it can be used, among other things, for investment and business investment. The advantage is fast online negotiation, without registry control.

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